8 de agosto de 2012


BRIOLETA is the Aragones writers meeting held for the fifth time en Yésero in the chamber of the high Galiciam in early summer.

Greatful to be able to collaborate as a speaker in this fifth illustration workshop meeting. I enjoyed it, even I was surprised by outcome of the illustrtions made by participent which was excellent.
Here I give a example of it:

Here I give a example of it the illustrations are based on the poem of Rafael Alberti "Buster Keaton´s looking for his girlfriend in the woods who is a real cow", belonging to the anthology of poetry of  El último Parnaso.

I thank all who made this event possible, M ª Jesús, Silvia and my mate done Blanca night feel good in the heart of the Pyrenees.

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  1. Gracias, Silvia, por esa mañana tan feliz. Un abrazo, Patricia