11 de agosto de 2012

Illustration workshop by Marián Lario

I returned from Riudencayes two weeks ago, an illustration workshop taught by the illustrtor and teacher Marián Lario
All the things I may say about this workshop are positives.
It was in a cottage with a quiet and familiar environment with people who are passionated about ilustration.
Marián tought us how to make an album illustrated from the first idea, the rhythem, the storyboard, the model...to the presentation of the work to the publisher.
He was lovely and generous by telling everything about an illustrated album; and what could I say about his family...simply wonderful people.

I also want to name all those who made this workshop so endearing: Ana Cristina Martín, Marisa Ordoñez, Helena Ribas, Sandra Allo, Yolanda Angulo, Montse Vila, María Elcacho, Maika García y por último y único chico Enrique Benito.

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